With over 20 years’ of experience working with boutique to multi-national partners from logo design to multi-lingual hotel brand standards, we are here to support your graphic and web-design processes and help to enable world-standard branding.


Serving the Services Industry
Hotels and Resorts need to have authenticity. Ask us how we can help you brand your property.


Inspirational Brands

We have  been working with hotels and hotel groups, helping them to set-up their branding in all touch points, offline and online. This includes, logo design, brochure/fact sheet designs, website development, operational items design, etc.

Inspirational Destinations
Tourism needs inspiration. Inspiration is created by great design. Allow us to help you to create inspiring artwork for your destination.


Inspirational Looks

Our founding partners have been working in the Tourism Industry for over 20 years, consulting destinations in branding, convention and event design and social media integration.

Our services to the tourism industry include:

  • Website design
  • Collateral design
  • Advertising
  • Event branding

and more…

Ask us about destination marketing services by our partner DESINSPIRE
Eating with Your Eyes
Find out how we can help your food brand, your restaurant or bar to be authentic and showcase your ideas to your audience.

Food & Beverages

Inspirational Tastes

We are passionate about food and beverages and have worked in the F&B industry for many years. This includes branding work for restaurant and bars and well as brand development, packaging designs for producers of food and beverage products.

Creative Learning
Children are the most important asset we have. Helping them to find their way in the world and creatively find solutions for the future.
Find out how we can help your school stand out.


Inspiring the next generation

We have worked with a number of colleges and nurseries in Asia, the Middle East and Europe to help them showcase their unique position, enhance their brands and present them offline as well as online.

Service Minded
From online shops to digital services, we have helped companies in Asia, Europe and North America to stand out.


Inspiring consumers

From telecommunications, to online shops or other services, we have created the brand image, online platforms, brochures, etc for companies from Europe to Asia.

Strategically Different
A strong brand positioning is the more important the larger an organisation is. Governmental and non-governmental organisations have to inspire a large number of people with their brand and messaging.
Find out how we can help your agency or organisation.

Government & NG Organisations

Inspiring people

We have worked with a number of governmental agencies as well as non-governmental organisations in branding, collateral design, event design and more.